How we find the right lawyer for you

Here are some of the resources we check out:

Law Society of Alberta

1. Law Society of Alberta's website

Previous Users' Feedback

2. Feedback from our previous users

Your Budget

3. Lawyer's fees given your budget (where ascertainable)

Lawyer's Publications

4. Lawyer's publications and online reviews

Our Lawyers

Our roster of lawyers specialize in variety of legal fields.

These include the following and many more!

Family Law

Family Law

E.g. Prenuptial agreement, divorce, separation, child custody.

Find a family lawyer
Immigration Law

Immigration Law

E.g. Family sponsorship, work visa, study visa, express entry.

Find an immigration lawyer
Employment Law

Employment Law

E.g. Wrongful dismissal, employment contracts, labour law.

Find an employment lawyer


E.g. Employment disputes, breach of contract, small claim actions.

Find a litigation lawyer

Who we are:

We are a team of lawyers who have helped our clients when our expertise matched their needs and referred them to other trusted lawyers when our expertise did not match their current needs.

LegalFindr was built out of necessity and market demand as we regularly receive number of calls/emails from our clients for referral to other lawyers. Unfortunately, most people who need to hire or consult a lawyer don’t know where to begin or how to determine whether a lawyer that they have found online or been referred to by a friend is the right lawyer for them.

At LegalFindr our mission is to help you find the right lawyer quickly and within your budget. We’ll make the process transparent and educational rather than intimidating and overwhelming. Simply click on the “Find a Lawyer” button above and fill the questionnaire. We will find you the lawyers who we believe can best serve you and will email you their contact information together with our reasoning for their selection.

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Looking for the best local lawyer? Someone who is the right fit? We have you covered. Everything including family lawyer, litigation lawyer, employment lawyer, immigration lawyer, wills and estates lawyer, real estate lawyer, and many more. We connect you with the right lawyer for free.